Introduce the “Soran Bushi”. The lyrics and meaning of the Soran Bushi? The compatibility of the sum instruments and Soran Bushi?

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Suddenly, do you know the folk songs of Japanese songs that everyone knows? What are the songs that are famous because there are so many songs?

Would such as “Kokiriko Bushi”, “Tankou Bushi”, “Tokyo Ondo”. Perhaps it seems that it is the song that these songs have one of the most name recognition in Japan.

And, there is a song that they are known for songs and much aligned towards Japan in yet. It seems, is “Soran Bushi”! !

Most of you reading this article will think of the famous song in Japan, “What is Soran Bushi?” This time, I will introduce the lyrics and meaning of the super-famous folk song “Soran Bushi” in Japan, the hidden message, and more! !


“Soran Bushi” is Work song at the time of the “Herring Fishing”

Soran Bushi is a folk song transmitted to the Sea of ​​Japan coast of Hokkaido. “Yaren Soran Soran” that phrase is impressive, is one of the folk song, which boasts the reputation of one of the best in Japan.

It is Soran Bushi, but it is easy to put together and work songs that were sung during the “herring”.

It may be some people think say “I to work while singing?”. Might not be the medium ‘s such a sight now, to flow the theme song in a television program, I think that was in the certainly that song at the time of the work. Increase the sense of unity by sharing the same song at all, I think we tried to fun and efficiency of the work.


“Soran Bushi” the birthplace of the “Hokkaido”

Birthplace of Soran Bushi is said to be the region of over the Sea of ​​Japan coast, Shakotan (Shakotan) Yoichi from the peninsula (Yoichi) County of Hokkaido. (Portion that is circled image)

In fact, there is “a monument of Soran Bushi” is some as the birthplace of the like Shakotan and Yoichi, we are Kataritsui its history to now.


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“Soran Bushi” is one of “Nishinba Ondo” (鰊場音頭)

Soran-bushi is called “Okiage Ondo”. “Okinage Ondo” is one of the four songs of “Nishinba Ondo”.

The four songs of Nishinba Ondo, refers to the “Funakogi Ondo”, “Amiokoshi Ondo”, “Okiage Ondo”, “Kotataki Ondo”. It represents the state of the herring fishing.

The history of Soran Bushi of shakotan According to the state of each of Ondo and work has been described as follows.


1.Funakogi Ondo (船漕ぎ音頭)

Intended to be sung when you round-trip the hunting grounds that are planted from the dock of the network, if the row or if the laid-back in a hurry, different Ondo in If you want backward to the ship to dock.


2.Amiokoshi Ondo (網起こし音頭)

Net has since embarked on herring until dropped to frame network, is a work song that contains the most spirited.


3.Okiage Ondo (冲揚げ音頭)

To unloading the herring collected by the network cause the dock, since the sing when pumping herring with large ash (network), named song.


4.Kotataki Ondo (子たたき音頭)

The landing of the end of a frame network attached a lot of herring roe, for blocking the stitches, which tapped with a stick of bamboo, it is Ondo sing when the drop.


Quote: The history of shakotan of Soran Bushi


Indeed, in the dance of Soran Bushi, there is such a movement to pull the net. That 冲揚 up Ondo is convinced listening to the names and meanings.

Even what now, it seems there is also a place that has been danced the traditional tune Soran Bushi! ! As a beefier, is a dance also very nice reminiscent of fishing.


Lyrics of “Soran Bushi”. Lyrics is not a one! ?

Lyrics of Soran clause There are various sections quite different. Although the basic “Jaren Soran Soran Soran” is a together,

For example, in Wikipedia it has been featured in the following manner.


Yeah Ren Soran Soran Yaren Soran Soran crawling
man courage on Choi of tut wave Noridase the body § Don five feet
of Yasa en Enya over over over § Sir § Dokkoisho hard Dokkoisho Dokkoisho

Yeah Ren Soran Soran Yaren Soran Soran crawl
boat also also if filtration of the young one length five feet new likeness rider Choi
Yasa en Enya over over over § Sir § of Dokkoisho hard Dokkoisho Dokkoisho

Yeah Ren Soran Soran Yaren Soran Soran crawling
dark of the offshore take a song Geekaji a North Sea storm father sail Choi
Yasa en Enya over over over § Sir § of Dokkoisho hard Dokkoisho Dokkoisho

Yeah Ren Soran Soran Yaren Soran Soran crawl
father big catch but he is a different caught fish old days things Choi
of Yasa en Enya over over over § Sir § Dokkoisho hard Dokkoisho Dokkoisho


Quote: Wikipedia Soran Bushi


Site “World of songs and folk songs have been published numerous world of folk songs, children’s songs in” has been featured in the following manner.


Jaren Soran Soran Soran
Soran Soran (crawling)
For example tide to the seagulls off the coast
listen to Watasha stand bird wave
Choiyasa Een’yasano Dokkoisho
(hard Dokkoisho Dokkoisho)

Quote: the world of folk songs, nursery rhyme Soran Bushi


There Is not known from where in the case of Wikipedia has been source, it can be seen the difference in the lyrics. Those of Wikipedia is pointing to the whole fishing, it seems in the world of folk songs, nursery rhymes have been spelled out is how you are in the offing.

Since the folk song is large or changes by region, we think in there are a variety of Soran Bushi from that sort of thing.

Also, there are many and further lyrics are different from those in the CD reduction has been Soran Bushi in addition to this.



The meaning of “Soran”. Message hidden in Soran Bushi?

Lyrics are a variety of Soran Bushi, but the word “Soran” has been used in common.

What is this “Soran”? There are various theories as well as the lyrics, and there is a theory called “the shout of work”.

“Working with shout” theory

Theory “Solar, solar” that shout off the coast of fried that has been as it is used in the song. Certainly because “Sole”, “Soora” in the slogan is, including the athletic meet, I will listen to when you do something all at once in great numbers. It’s not funny even if the “Soran” from the sense of language when there is to become a song because “solar”.


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Why Soran Bushi became famous in Japan


Now, we have introduced the Soran Bushi Up to this point, the first place Why Soran Bushi is widely known so much in Japan.

It is said that opportunity that was danced the “culmination Soran” in the Japanese TV “three-year B Kumi Kinpachi teacher”.

Culmination Soran is Takio Ito folk singer is said to Soran Bushi wearing a dance to the song you’ve arranged the traditional Soran Bushi. Soran Bushi subjected to lock arrangements from the traditional folk song tone is so was popular in Hokkaido than before to be treated in a “three-year B KumiKinpachi teacher”.

Meanwhile, the culmination Soran in the fifth series of “three-year B KumiKinpachi teacher” is showing off, it seems popular is also showing off the sixth, seven seasons came out at once.

Often is mainly danced in education, such as school, it seems to have born in a wide range, such as a variety of arrangements. I think many also those who danced in, such as athletic meet and sports festival.

Wagakki and Soran clause batch chemistry! !

Compatibility with Japanese instruments such as the shamisen and shakuhachi in the fact that folk music is excellent, but I’m very nice also Soran Bushi hear in other Japanese instruments of! In addition, because there is something Japanese musical instruments song was Soran Bushi on the theme, it will introduce

Play the Soran Bushi in Japanese traditional instrument



Wagakki song was Soran Bushi theme

Or clause has become the theme of Soran, song of sum musical instrument that is being used is “Soran Scherzo” and “North Sea folk song tone” is famous.

This is of Edo Shingo composerSoran scherzo is! (Organization: koto 2, seventeen string 1, shakuhachi 1)



This is Michio Miyagi composer North Sea folk song tone.(Organization: koto 2, seventeen string 1, shakuhachi 1)

It is also softness and tone can enjoy the song of the Japanese instruments unique to either of the song! !


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Summary: the famous Soran Bushi in Japan, the depth was not a Date! !

Soran Bushi, there is only still famous enough there are no people who do not know in Japan, not only the depth of history is, is width was also very wider, such as various changes.

Also, such as history and spread the way is full of story, I felt the kana not be loved by everyone also such a point. The original starts from the work song, it is that very amazing I spread to the whole country from Japan in the north.

That this wonderful folk song is going to be loved from now on be a long time widely, also Japanese musical instruments media hope sincerely! !


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